A magazine for the climate emergency

Meet the Team

Douglas Rogers

Douglas didn’t realise he cared about The World until people in suits asked him to hurt it for their profit. Following this revelation he’s done a lot of literal and figurative wandering, through a swathe of England and a bunch of theory and a host of efforts at a better world. These efforts have included an intentional community in Suffolk, and the first two years of Extinction Rebellion (equal parts magical and maddening).

Likes: France, tennis, stable biospheres, gaming pre-2016

Dislikes: Societal bullshit (you know the type), evil billionaires, microwaves

Sarah Howden

Over the past ten years, Sarah has been a corporate sustainability consultant, a Bingo caller, a writer for the Extinction Rebellion newsletter and the producer of two TV dramas persuading Kenyan teenagers not to start smoking. During this time she has also participated (with varying degrees of enthusiasm) in an array of environmental groups and had a run of successes in niche animal-themed poetry competitions.

The common thread across her work is trying to understand how we use language to become more alive, more compassionate and more powerful. And puns. She really loves puns.

Philip Webb Gregg

Philip grew up in an alternative eco-commune in the mountains of southern Europe. He spent his childhood falling out of trees and howling at the moon, and was shocked to discover that the rest of the world considered this strange.

He now lives as a freelance creative writer and environmental storyteller. Much of his writing focuses on faith, folklore, and narratology. He previously worked as an editor for The Dark Mountain Project and newsletter wrangler for Extinction Rebellion.

He’s keen to push and explore the boundaries between human nature and nature nature.

Naomi Horlick

Naomi is a writer who has been trying to unpick how the world’s many injustices are entangled for over a decade. In 2019, she ‘woke up’ to the severity of the climate crisis and now spends her time dreaming of the perfect messaging to kickstart the global climate response. She has worked as an impact storyteller for social enterprises across many sectors, including global health, microfinance, hydroponic farming, and community energy. 

Naomi co-directs a company that delivers the Climate Fresk workshop to schools, businesses and community groups, aiming to engage and empower everyone to take high-impact climate action. She is curious about how we will write the next chapter together.