A magazine for the climate emergency

Our mission is to support and equip people to face the Anthropocene: understand it with humility and curiosity; live through it with some kind of enthusiasm; and resist it together with courage and skill.

The Moment

Raveller’s story begins in agonised awareness of our historical moment.

You too may feel overwhelmed by the scale of the crises we face: the cascade of unprecedented horrors that threaten the wellbeing and existence of all life on this planet. Maybe you’re also tired of how often you hear the word ‘unprecedented’.

These horrors are not distant or abstract. They are encroaching on all of our lives: in big ways and small ways, emotionally, materially, spiritually. Despite their global scale, they are grotesquely unfair in their effects.

To us, these many tendencies and crises can be summed up as ‘The Anthropocene’: an era of destruction so profound it marks a new chapter in planetary history. 

One of The Anthropocene’s many crises is that it’s really difficult to face: it’s diabolically complicated, and it’s heartbreaking beyond all words. Many of us who take up the challenge end up feeling overwhelmed and isolated, powerless and somehow also bored before it all.

We contend that this emotional state is not a natural fact. It is produced, continually, by the ideas and stories we receive. 

Those who claim to mediate reality on our behalf are failing us: the press, the government but also those we trust to entertain us, educate us, employ us, and supposedly protect us. The failure of these groups is getting ever harder to ignore, and the solutions they offer us are laughably insufficient. 

We need new ideas and new stories which are adequate to this moment in history.

This is a daunting time to be alive. So much is at stake. We believe our future depends on very human things like finding the courage to speak up and act, learning how to navigate differences of opinion, and being determined to find hope and humour in the middle of a dark and stormy night.

The Means

We believe that for our mission to succeed, we need both new stories and new ways of telling them.

Not just analysis but action

The media circus wants you screwed to your seat, perplexed and paralysed; we want you on the stage and in the aisles putting out the fires.

Not just slogans but tactics

We’ve had enough of empty calls to ‘make your voice heard’. We want to bring you serious detail on how change works.

Not just readers but people

We recognise and welcome the emotional and social dimensions of our work. We believe in the power of a community of humans to make unexpected connections, weave beautiful and unprecedented webs, and engage in meaningful and maybe even world-changing dialogue.

Not just negation but creation

Caustic critiques can be fun and important – but we need to go further than complaints about the way things are. Responsible writing in the Anthropocene also means actively envisioning a better world.

Not dogmatic but curious

We refuse the binary nature of call-out culture, striving instead to stay compassionate and curious. We want to bust open echo chambers and blur lines that have divided us. 

We want to platform other voices and not be afraid to use our own, even when we blunder – which we absolutely will. We don’t have time to chase perfection: we’ll have to muddle through this together.

Stories that move you

We want to provide an alternative energy to mainstream coverage of the Anthropocene. We believe humour, playfulness, irony and joy are just as valuable as misery and despair for helping us face our situation. 

The billionaire-press is too often tonally serious but ethically reckless. We try to be the opposite.